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  • Hand Sanitizing Mist 50mls
  • This all-natural hand sanitizer keeps your hands clean, without all the alcohol!

Hand Sanitizing Mist 50mls

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    Our alcohol-free hand sanitizing mist smells fresh and clean with lemon and thyme essential oils to kill bacteria, witch hazel to treat the skin, and organic coconut oil to moisturize and keep your hands feeling soft.

    Keep your hands germ-free without all the alcohol and chemical in mainstream alcohol-based sanitizers and soaps. Our hand sanitizer spray smells fantastic and keeps you free from bacteria.

    Great for kids and easy to throw in a purse or backpack to send to school or on trips.


    Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), thyme, lemon and orange essential oils, cocos nucifera (coconut oil).



    Use this all-natural hand sanitizer anytime you want to disinfect your hands from bacteria and to prevent illness. Alcohol free and safe for children.




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