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Bamboo Natural Face Cleansing Brush

This natural bamboo bristled face cleansing brush has a wooden handle that is hand ground, with fine bristles of persian wool to gently exfoliate and cleanse your delicate facial skin.

Sustainable bamboo is eco-conscious. Good for the environment. Good for your skin and facial cleansing ritual. 



Use this natural bamboo face cleansing brush daily with your Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil or with our Acne Facial Wash (coming Spring 2019), to remove dirt, oil and makeup that clogs pores and leads to a breakout.  

Wet the brush with warm water, apply the cleanser of choice to your skin, use the brush to gently rub the cleanser in gentle circular motions to help the cleanser absorb deep into your pores and fully cleanse, exfoliate and support healthy skin. 

Take your time and make this a ritual. Never rush your facial cleansing ritual. This is your time to show your face some love.