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  • This all-natural facial tonic with organic rose and chamomile flower water helps soothe skin irritation and reduce stress

Face Tonic - "Keep Calm & Kiss Me" ~ Rose Chamomile Facial Tonic 60mls

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    This gentle rose chamomile facial tonic water is a must step for after cleansing and before moisturizing your facial skin.

    Rose and chamomile are both very calming and therapeutic for the skin and thus create a gentle refresher to prime your skin to receive moisture and daily sun protection.

    To be used both day and night, whenever you need a fresh pick-me-up during the day or a touch of moisture. Can be worn under and above make-up or anytime you need a refresher.  Just carry it with you all day and spritz it on when needed! 



    Anyone and everyone can use this facial tonic ~ great for all skin types.  Especially great for delicate, sensitive skin that irritates easily. It is very calming with the chamomile floral water therefore makes a great way to feel zen before bedtime.  



    Contains rose floral water, chamomile floral water, vegetable glycerin, rose geranium essential oil. 

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