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Take this "Simplicity Test" To Evaluate Your Life

I am not a simple person. My friends call me High Maintenance and I certainly can laugh at myself as know I can be a handful at the best of times.  But I am at a stage of my life that I crave simplicity and a slower pace. I've been craving it for a while actually but couldn't actually make it come together until now.    About a year ago I started to reevaluate my career and business choices to be able to focus more time on my own daughters and family. After a lot of consideration I finally j...
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Steps to the Ultimate Clean Belly, Clean Skin, Clean Mind

When we look at our skin care regime we can't look at it as one singular area of health. We need to approach our outer beauty, our skin, as one leg of a three legged stool that will topple over if not in harmony. The other two legs being a clean belly or diet and a clean mind that is free of clutter, stress and all things that don't serve us in the present moment. Sounds easy right? Not so much. Most of us would agree it is a constant struggle to balance and achieve these three areas of heal...
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Natural Beauty That Goes Skin Deep and Beyond

This is not a blog post with a 1, 2, 3 on how to be more naturally beautiful. Not in the traditional sense that many blog posts do, that is, as we all search for the secret anti-aging formula to turn back time. This post is about how I am using my natural beauty company to give back to my community and to help empower and showcase the inner beauty and tenacity of many incredible women who need a helping hand to get back on their feet after domestic abuse, family or health issues.     I had t...
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It's All About the Trip

These last forty-eight hours the universe has been sending me a strong message about the "trip". This is how it all started twenty-six years ago.  I was sitting in an undergrad psychology class in my first year of university when a girl that I had only randomly smiled at in class who sat behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said "I have this poem that I think you may enjoy", and she handed me a copy of it.  Just like that and very randomly.  The poem is titled "The Station" by Robert J. ...
December 04 2016 0 Continue reading

Keep Your Immune System Strong These Holidays

    I get sick every winter, and I mean really sick. One bad cold or flu to knock me straight into bed for at least 1-2 weeks usually right before Christmas.  I am not new to germs having three teenagers and having owned daycare centres also for the past decade.  However it seems that my immune system gets run down and can't fight the germs away, no matter how much I try to avoid germs at all costs and practice hand washing and good germ busting hygiene.   I eat impeccably clean and healthy....
October 31 2016 0 Continue reading

"Show Me A Woman Who Isn't Overwhelmed"

  While recently watching my favourite binge-watching pastime, The Good Wife, I had to write down this quote from one episode in which Gloria Steinem, famed as a feminist icon, told Alicia Florrick "show me a woman who isn't overwhelmed" in her urging Alicia to run for office after Alicia remarked that she wasn't sure she could take on the role and still be able to balance her family, legal career, business, and her personal values.   Ok ladies, seriously isn't this what we all face each and...
September 25 2016 0 Continue reading

Good Mama Choices: French fries, Candy & Sanity

As a mother of three daughters: a soon to be 16 year old and 12 year old twins, my every day goal is to make good healthy decisions for myself so that I can be around a long, long time and so that as adults my daughters will make healthy lifestyle choices through the examples I am setting for them now.    It's a constant struggle however as I so badly want to absolutely forbid all McDonald's french fries, soda pop in my house and candy store adventures. However, while I am fairly extreme in ...
July 17 2016 0 Continue reading

Swimming As a Mental Health Antidote

When you think of swimming, it’s often an activity associated with children or seniors; visions of water-slides and canon balls or lane dividers and flutter boards come to mind. But no matter how busy life gets, we must never forget that swimming is a viable pastime for all ages, mothers, students, and CEO’s alike.   Swimming is not just a form of resistance-free exercise either.  Studies show that swimming can also improve your mental health.  Here are the three reasons why: University of ...
March 12 2016 0 Continue reading

Healthy Living. An obsession or a quest for the holy grail?

I obsess over my health, almost to a fault. I spend inordinate amounts of time wondering which essential oil I can use to solve a skin issue (hence the inception of Clean Kiss Organics), or what healthy recipe I can try next for my family, or if matcha green tea is better for me than organic white tea. Really I do. And there is a growing trend that shows it isn't just me.   My 12 year old daughter burnt her hand last week taking cookies out of the oven and quickly ran to me and said "Mom,...
February 08 2016 0 Continue reading

Make Yourself Mindful

  Paralleling the climb of mental health awareness is the concept of ‘mindfulness’, where you work on self-improvement simply by being more conscious of your daily actions – eating, drinking, walking, breathing, colouring.  Colouring!  Books filled with mindful colouring exercises line the shelves of every major book shop, encouraging adults to enter the creative zen of childhood activities.  There are even colouring apps for your iPhone and android devices too! But if colouring isn’t for y...
March 09 2016 0 Continue reading

Why taking a blue sky day is good for everyone

Because we all know "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy!". And yes I realize that is very poor grammar (being the grammar and spelling cop that I am) but I have this sign posted in my laundry room and it still makes me giggle at how true it is.   So today is Monday and I should be at work doing lots of paperwork and in meetings but instead I decided to take a "blue sky" day.  What is a blue sky day you might ask? A day to think big, to chill in your jammies until noon, to do t...
February 22 2016 13 Continue reading


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