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Natural Products Improving More Lives Than That of Those Who Use Them

June 25, 2015

Clean Kiss Organics is an Oakville based startup launching affordable, high quality 100% natural products for body, face, hair and home that are clean and simple. But that's not all. They are also giving back to the community by way of Home Suite Hope, a local charity that helps to break the cycle of poverty by providing single parent families with housing, and a host of wrap around services. With every sale, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Home Suite Hope to further their cause.

Clean Kiss Organics creator Jodie Pappas, an Oakville resident, created the company after making handcrafted body products for herself in a quest to find natural products that actually work, such as her all natural cream deodorant. Many have tried natural products but couldn't deliver consistent results. Today, Clean Kiss has a solution that doesn't compromise quality or effectiveness while offering a completely natural alternative.
Clean Kiss Organics mission is to deliver natural and effective, affordable and luxurious products with ingredients we all know and you can pronounce.
Its a great feeling to give back to my local community through Home Suite Hope, which supports women and their children to get back on their feet. Many people are shocked to learn that Oakville actually has a poverty issue. Often times, as a result of domestic abuse, unemployment, or illness, these families find themselves in a precarious position with no place to turn. Home Suite Hope is about opportunity and empowerment, much like our philosophy at Clean Kiss Organics. To women and girls, this is an alternative option to take charge, and know what you are putting on your body, to stop using chemicals, says Pappas. The list of harmful chemicals in many body, face, hair and home cleaning products at our local drugstores, and even expensive brands is unimaginable. The fact that we are exposed to these each and every day at home, work or even school is great cause for concern.
Clean Kiss Organics whole approach and philosophy is a great fit with our organization, notes Michelle Pommells, President & CEO of Home Suite Hope.  We couldnt be more delighted. Jodie has found a truly creative way to give back to the community and in a manner that supports everyones health and well being.

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