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Tips on How You Can Have Mad Scientist-like Curly Hair and Rock Your Curls

August 16, 2018

Tips on How You Can Have Mad Scientist-like Curly Hair and Rock Your Curls

Naturally Curly Hair

Being a woman with curly hair is like being part of a secret society of mad scientists.  We do a science experiment every time we wash our curls.  I don't believe that straight haired women have this same experience.  It goes like this...wake up and realize it is hair washing day. Get excited to use a new product that you picked up that promised to give you the absolute best, frizz free curls evaaaaaahhhhh.  Decide how you will use said product and fantasize about how awesome of a hair day you have ahead of you. Decide if you will then possibly skip hot yoga so as to not ruin those awesome curls before a big night out later. Oh, the decisions we must face all in the name of great curls! 


Having the holy grail of curls all depends on both the products you use and the process of how you use the products and treat your curls.  Below are my favourite tips to give you awesome curls on day 1, 2 and 3!


1. Don't wash your hair everyday as this dries them out. Try to go 3-4 days without washing and just rejuvenate your curls with a little spritz of moisture combined with oil.  This is my personal fave and btw has also won an award for how well it works on dry, coarse hair.  Toot toot. 


2. Apply loads of water to your curls then add conditioner. My favourite curly hair condition is DevaCurl OneCondition.  It should be sopping wet when you get out of the shower. Apply your product (gel, curl cream or mousse) then lightly scrunch out the excess moisture with a hair towel, hair gloves, or an old t-shirt works too. Don't ever rub it dry!


3. Curly hair, especially if dry and coarse or grey, loves oils and butters to penetrate the hair shaft making it soft and manageable and also repairing lost moisture due to heat, sun, chlorine, and styling products.  Use good quality plant based products with oils and butters to restore and replenish your hair. Do not use parabens, sulfates, silicone and alcohol and ideally ensure they are scented with only essential oils to stay away from harmful fragrances.  


4. Don't touch it while it is drying! Air dry it to 90% then use a diffuser to finish off the curls. Touching your hair makes it frizzy. When you hair is almost fully dry simply  gently pull the curls apart to separate them nicely and fluff them up.  


5. Sleep with your hair up in a mushroom pony tail right on the top of your head to get "I dream of Jeannie" on. You don't want to squish your curls by sleeping on them and getting them all frizzy and tangled. I personally like to spritz my curls with hair oil before bed or do this step right when I wake up before taking out the pony tail to rejuvenate and restore moisture. 

Curly Hair Tips from Clean Kiss organics

6.  Use a silk pillowcase. I recently bought a great one from Amazon and love it! It is great for curly hair and also for your face to protect from wrinkles while you sleep as you smush your face deeply into your pillow.  


7.  Mix up your hairstyle everyday because curls are fun and meant to be enjoyed.  Down one day, low ponytail the next, top knot for yoga and the gym, long braid. You get the point. Mix it up since you are not washing your hair but want to look and feel your best, of course.


8. Freshen your curly hair up during wash days using oils, mist and essential oils. Our hair can retain the scent of foods we cook and eat as well as the outdoors, smoke, and other smells we don't want in our hair. I use my hair oil mentioned earlier to give it a nice refresher of peppermint and rosemary essential oils (which have the added benefit of stimulating your scalp and your mind too!). 


9. Treat your curly hair to some extra love about once a week by using a deep conditioning treatment and leaving it on for at least 24 hours. Best to do this on a weekend when you know you can hang around the house and just have your hair in a braid or bun with the treatment soaking in and nourishing your luscious locks. Watch my video here for how I use the treatment on my hair on weekends. 


10. Love what nature gave you. I used to always ty to tame my curls by keeping them in a pony tail but find when I just let them go wild and crazy I get more compliments and have fun with them. 


For a limited time we are offering a Curly Hair Bundle for you to get both products and save! 

Hair Treatment Set



Want to know more about Clean Kiss Organics? 


We create natural and organic products for active, healthy people like you! We proudly make Canadian, artisan-handcrafted wellness products that are simple and pure for your body, face, and natural curly hair. Our specialties are plant based premium skincare, all natural deodorant (that really does work!), and products to tame and manage naturally curly hair.  


We are 100% Vegan, GMO free, Gluten Free (and free of all unnecessary garbage!) and Leaping Bunny Certified (meaning we never test on animals and neither do our suppliers).  We also proudly support health and wellness initiatives such as helping to prevent and conquer cancer.


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